The new benchmark in wafer ID reading

New Benchmarks

Ocr, Barcode, DataMatrix and QR code

Easy graphical user interface, w/ teach-in wizard

Easy integration

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The new benchmark in wafer ID reading

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Technical specifications

Reading Capability

Mark type SEMI M12, M13, M1.15,SEMI T1.95
OCR fonts SEMI FONT (straight, concave and convex), NON SEMI FONTS
2D codes ECC200, T7 Data Matrix, QR Code and M1.15
Barcodes BC412/IBM412,IBM & SEMI T1-95, Base 35
Region of Interest Flexible auto catching ROI

Illumination and Optics

Field of view 35×13mm, Ultra-wide field of view
LED Multi-channel RGB (Red/Green/Blue)
440-480nm(Blue) - 500-555(Green) - 620-650nm(Red)
Object wafer OCR Font, DataMatrix, T7, QR Code, Barcode on any wafer surface
Light mode 15 internal external (3 colors-RGB)
+ 3 additional external RGB source
Intensity of illumination Variable with automatic exposure controller - Dynamic Range 1: 10,000
Lens type Aspheric lens (made in Germany) with bandwith passfilter
Depth of focus ±4mm

Communication I/O

Network 10/100Base-T Ethernet port ×1, TCP/IP protocol
Serial RS-232C
Protocol C Library, LKx5 Protocol, TEL Protocol, TSK Protocol, EG Protocol and customized
Discrete input/output Included 2 Input + 2 Output
Status indicator LED Status + LED Power
Master/Slave For automatic front and backside reading
Database feature Direct database connection for result crosscheck or manipulation


Compliance regulation CE, RoHS, FCC

WID120 by IOSS


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